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Top 5 Protein Treatment


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Tips for Choosing a Protein Treatment

Protein treatment is for natural hair, and the aim is to maintain the strength of your hair. Moreover, some additional packages do come along. These treatments are necessary to prevent hair fall and aim to restore your hair’s natural elasticity. There are specific tips that you should keep in mind while going for a protein treatment.

  • The hair is more prone to damage from various environmental pollutants and chemicals used to treat their hair. Protein treatment provides strong hair and reduces hair damage.
  • Proteins are an essential component of hair and the structural component of your hair. If proper nourishment is not present, the hair follicles will die, healthy hair will not grow, and the person will experience varying degrees of hair fall.
  • Protein provides a shield for your hair and maintains the integrity of your hair. Another thing to consider is that protein treatment does not ensure a complete recovery from damaged hair. It would be best if you use proper hair conditioning to ensure speedy recovery from hair damage.
  • As excess of everything is terrible, overdoing protein treatment will cause more damage than its benefits.
  • For regular use, you should prefer protein treatments that are ideal for providing reconstructing effects on hair. These are light protein treatments, and you can use them daily. Most of them include keratin which is a constitutive protein of our hair. You should apply this treatment after every shampoo to ensure the elasticity and flexibility of your hair. This type of procedure will ensure less hair breakage and minor hair fall.
  • For severe hair damage and hairball, you need to consult an expert to provide the right ingredients for your hair type. Be patient that severe hair damage takes a lot of time to heal and requires careful maintenance. The protein treatment used here is powerful, and it should not be used more than two times during six to eight weeks as overuse will do more damage.
  • Some famous protein treatments are:
    • ApHogee Keratin Reconstructing Mixture
    • Nexxus Keraphix Restorative Conditioner
    • Nexxus Emergencee Constructive Treatment
  • For severe hair damage, you should use a mixture of ingredients, and a pro tip here is that do visit a hair salon where you will get the necessary treatment.
  • Apart from the protein treatment, use a mixture of natural oils at least once a week to maintain the natural look of your hair.


With the advancement in medicinal technologies, it is possible to cure hair damage. All you need to do is prefer the treatment that suits your hair and aims to provide proper care for your hair. It will be best if you do not quit the protein treatment once you have started it.

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