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Top 5 Robot Vacuum


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Robot Vacuum Buying Guide:

Household work is vital for everyone. People take extra care of their houses and clean them properly. Without modernization and innovation of our lives, household cleaning has also been innovative. In the past, people spent lots of time, including their houses. Now we can purchase a robot or an AI device that can clean our houses. Vacuum cleaning robots are prevalent in the market nowadays. They can clean all the dust from the floor and make it sparkle. These are boards have become more innovative than in the past few years, but people still prefer the traditional vacuum cleaners.

We will talk about the things one should know about a robot vacuum cleaner before buying it.

Size of your room:

Before you start browsing for a robot vacuum cleaner, you should know that area of your apartment or house. Models like iLife V3s Pro are suited for small spaces, while on the other hand, models like Roborock S4 Max are best suited for large areas.

So, it is advised that you should know about your area and choose accordingly.

Do you have Hardwood or Carpets?

Although a vacuum cleaner can clean hardwood and carpet, some models are suited for one particular thing. So, when you’re choosing a model, you should know what type of floor it specifically can clean. You can also select the vacuum cleaner, which is hybrid and can clean both, but a specific one can clean better in some areas.

Do you have a Pet?

Sometimes pets can be annoying in the house as they share a lot of furs. And this can also cause allergies occasionally. So, to cope with this problem, some vacuum cleaners are embedded with this feature and can clean animal fur easily. But there is a downside to this feature because they have to be regularly maintained. This fur can stick in their machinery, so you have to regularly keep them and clean their filter to get maximum results.

Smart Vacuum Robots:

Nowadays, vacuum robots can be synchronized with your mobile to apps. You can easily monitor and navigate them throughout your house while sitting on a chair and drinking a coffee. This feature can save you from unnecessary hassle giving you time to relax while doing some work.

Battery Life:

Since these robot vacuums are functioning wirelessly, so they have a battery in them. On average, their batteries last up to one and a half hours, but some high-end ones can work two hours. Moreover, some can navigate back to their base station to charge and continue the work after charging.


The robot vacuum cleaners are available in the market in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase at any cost you want. The amount of price is directly proportional to the number of features. But it does not mean that these models are better at cleaning. You can also find vacuum cleaners for about $200 that can clean better than many high-priced ones. Although having more features can increase the efficiency of the process, but it does not always mean efficient cleaning. So it is advised to choose carefully.


In short, we can say that Robot vacuum cleaners are the new face of household cleaning machines. They are continuously evolving, have more features, and will do much more soon. So, you should also adopt the things that are changing and grow with them.


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