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Waterdrop Water Filters Review


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Are you researching water filters to ensure your family drinks the healthiest water possible? Considering Waterdrop water filters for your home or an easy under-sink water filter? If you’re seeking the best Waterdrop water filter for your home and health, I’d like to share why I chose the Waterdrop under-sink water filtration system, specifically their reverse osmosis water filter that reintroduces minerals into your drinking water after filtration.

Before diving in, it’s important to note that I’m not an expert on water filters or DIY installations. I’m just a mom committed to living healthily and making informed choices, especially when it comes to water—a crucial aspect of wellness. I consume a significant amount of water myself and encourage my clients to do the same. Naturally, I want my family to lead healthy lives by drinking ample water!

Why an Under Sink Water Filtration System?

Are you concerned about the quality of your tap water? In my town, we deal with extremely hard water, which not only damages household appliances but also leaves a film in our toilets and showers and causes buildup in faucets. Although I know the water here is safe to drink, I began to question whether it was truly the best option for my family. There’s a difference between water being “safe” and being the “best” for consumption.Watching the documentary “Down to Earth” on Netflix last year, particularly the episode on water featuring Zac Effron and Darin Olien, was eye-opening. They discussed the importance of minerals in water, affecting flavor and potentially providing health benefits. This prompted me to start researching ways to upgrade our home water system.

Like many American households, our refrigerator has a filtered water dispenser. While it’s convenient for the occasional glass of water, it has its limitations. It’s messy and difficult to fill water bottles due to its design, and it dispenses water slowly—you have to stand there the whole time. Additionally, for safety reasons, it only dispenses about 20 ounces at a time, which was frustrating given how much water we go through in our house. We often resorted to using tap water to fill our water bottles.

I also feel extremely guilty about buying disposable plastic water bottles for convenience. Pre-packaged bottled water for daily use is a hard “no” for me. It’s not sustainable, and most bottled water has little oversight in terms of quality, often being no better than tap water. Buying a filter is not only better for you and the planet but also saves money in the long run.Let’s prioritize both our health and our environment by making informed choices about the water we consume. A good water filtration system can make a significant difference in the quality and taste of your drinking water, without the waste and environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles.

Why Chose Waterdrop


Since we really enjoy the taste of our fridge water, I decided to identify the filter brand inside—Waterdrop! Excitedly, I visited their website and discovered they offer numerous water filtration systems. Admittedly, the array of options felt a bit overwhelming.

My primary goals were clear: I wanted to filter contaminants from our tap water, have a dedicated faucet for dispensing filtered water (eliminating the mess and awkwardness at the fridge), add essential minerals back into the water, and ensure easy installation and maintenance without the need for professional assistance.Wanting to make an informed decision, I delved into Google and YouTube for research. After learning extensively, I consistently found myself drawn back to the Waterdrop system. Here’s why:

Waterdrop boasts an impressive 1:1 filtration-to-waste ratio, unlike other brands with a less efficient 3:1 ratio. This means minimal water wastage, translating to savings on the water bill and reduced environmental impact.

Waterdrop uses natural coconut shell in their activated carbon filters, prioritizing sustainability and effectiveness.

The Waterdrop system is exceptionally easy to install, with comprehensive instructional videos and directions, making it accessible to anyone with basic DIY skills and tools.

It’s the only remineralization system I found with such a straightforward setup and installation process.

The system includes a dedicated countertop faucet for filtered water, offering quick and efficient dispensing compared to our fridge filter.

Clear indicator lights notify you well in advance when it’s time to replace filters, which typically last 12-24 months depending on water quality.

The remineralization canister provides essential minerals for up to 12 months.

The system operates quietly and fits neatly underneath the cabinet, as shown in the images.

Waterdrop enjoys excellent reviews for product satisfaction and customer service.

We opted to install the system near our prep sink, conveniently located opposite the fridge for easy access to ice and water. We replaced the existing soap dispenser with the Waterdrop faucet, despite its mismatch with our other fixtures—though that’s a minor concern for me. If you don’t have a suitable existing hole, installation can be done DIY or by a professional depending on your countertop material.As a word of warning—kids will inevitably treat the faucet like a bubbler!

In the image, you can see the under-sink installation. While it may appear complex, following the provided directions makes the process straightforward. We needed an electric outlet, so we drilled a hole to access one on the other side of the cabinet since our sink is in the kitchen island. Typically, a main sink setup would have a readily available outlet.Before purchasing, I recommend thoroughly checking product dimensions and requirements to ensure compatibility with your space.The remineralization canister, installed on the cabinet wall outside the filtration system, reintroduces minerals into the water before it reaches the faucet for dispensing. I hope this

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System Review



The Waterdrop G3 is a robust NSF-certified undersink reverse osmosis system, delivering outstanding features, a sleek compact design, and ample clean, pure water for you and your family.

The Waterdrop G3 is a highly efficient system, producing approximately 1 gallon of waste water for every 2 gallons of pure water produced (2:1 ratio).The amount of water waste can vary based on the incoming water pressure, with higher pressure resulting in less waste. Wastewater is generated because reverse osmosis systems use pre-filtered water to clean the filter membranes.

The integrated pump in the Waterdrop G3 boosts the pressure, reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.Waterdrop’s commitment to the reverse osmosis filtration process is evident in their engineering of high-quality products aimed at maximizing performance and sustainability.


Tankless Design: The tankless design makes installation easier and saves space under the sink.

Easy Filter Installation: The filter design is user-friendly, preventing installation errors.

Integrated Feedback Systems: You receive real-time updates on filter status and water quality.

High Water Output: Produces up to 600 gallons of pure water per day, ensuring an ample supply.

Integrated Pump: Increases efficiency and reduces water wastage compared to traditional systems.

NSF/ANSI 58 Certified: Certified for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Reduction, a rare certification among RO systems.

These features make the Waterdrop G3 a standout choice for efficient and effective water purification.


Flow Rate: The flow from the faucet is not the fastest, although it is still very good for most household needs.

Lower Water Pressure for Refrigerator Connection: Connecting to a refrigerator may result in lower water pressure compared to what you’re accustomed to. Systems with pressurized storage tanks are typically better for ice makers.

To explore how the Waterdrop G3 compares with other reverse osmosis systems, you can visit reviews of the top systems in the market.For an upgraded version of the G3, consider checking out the Waterdrop G3 P800, which offers advanced features and enhancements.

Bonus Features

While the Waterdrop CoreRO system does not include a UV filtration stage, Waterdrop offers this feature in their G3 P800 system for added protection against bacteria and microorganisms in the water supply. For households with low bacteria levels in their water, the CoreRO’s seven-stage filtration process, combined with its tankless design, effectively removes microorganisms that may be present, providing clean and safe drinking water.

Waterdrop takes a unique approach by eliminating the storage tank typically found in other filtration systems, believing that such tanks can act as breeding grounds for bacteria. The tankless design of the CoreRO minimizes the risk of bacterial growth, ensuring that the water remains safe and fresh. Additionally, Waterdrop integrates a leak detector into the system by default—a feature not commonly found in other systems. This leak detector provides added peace of mind by promptly alerting users to any potential leaks, allowing preventive action to be taken before a problem escalates.

Waterdrop CoreRO Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

If you’re looking for healthier and tastier water at the press of a button, you’ll want to pay attention to this Waterdrop CoreRO review. In the sections below, I’ll detail the features of this reverse osmosis system, its specifications, user feedback, potential discounts, and more.But first, let’s understand what the Waterdrop CoreRO is and why it’s generating such excitement. Many of us are familiar with various types of water filtration systems—whether pitchers, under-the-sink designs, or bottled filtered water—as tap water often lacks good taste and health benefits.

The Waterdrop CoreRO is a compact and sleek reverse osmosis water filter that sits conveniently on your countertop. Developed by Waterdrop, a brand established in 2015 with a mission to offer high-quality products for purifying drinking water, this leading global manufacturer is dedicated to making water cleaner, safer, and healthier.Waterdrop has earned recommendations from reputable publications like The Spruce, Bob Vila, and This Old House, establishing an excellent reputation across the web. While these accolades are noteworthy, my goal is to help you determine if the Waterdrop CoreRO is suitable for your home, family, and specific needs, and whether its widespread popularity is well-deserved.


Countertop Design: The CoreRO is a countertop reverse osmosis system, meaning it sits conveniently on your countertop for easy access and operation.

5-Stage Filtration: The system employs a comprehensive 5-stage filtration process to ensure thorough purification of your water, removing contaminants and impurities effectively.

Convenient Operation: With its user-friendly design, the CoreRO offers convenient operation, making it simple to obtain clean and healthy drinking water with just a press of a button.

Water Efficiency: The CoreRO is designed to waste less water compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems, providing efficient filtration while minimizing water wastage.

Compact Design: Its compact and space-saving design allows it to fit perfectly on any counter, making it suitable for various kitchen setups.

No Installation Required: Unlike traditional under-sink systems, the CoreRO does not require installation, offering flexibility and portability.

SGS-Tested: The CoreRO has been tested by SGS and proven to reduce various contaminants including TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), PFOA, PFOS, Chlorine, Fluoride, Arsenic, Lead, and more, ensuring cleaner and safer drinking water.

Long-Lasting Filters: The filters of the CoreRO are designed to last up to 12 months, providing cost-effective and low-maintenance filtration.

Detachable Pure Water Tank: The system features a detachable pure water tank, allowing for easy refilling and cleaning.

Waterdrop CoreRO: What’s in the box

When you purchase the Waterdrop CoreRO, you’ll receive everything you need to start enjoying clean and crisp drinking water right out of the box. Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

Dispenser Top Cover: The top cover of the dispenser, ensuring a clean and sleek appearance.

Touch Screen (Control Panel): An intuitive touch screen for easy operation and control of the filtration system.

The Spout: The water dispensing spout where purified water is conveniently accessed.

Drip Tray: A tray to catch any drips or spills, keeping your countertop clean.

Tank Cover: Cover for the water storage tank, maintaining cleanliness and aesthetics.

Feed Water Tank: The tank where tap water is stored and processed through the filtration system.

Pure Water Tank: The tank where purified water is stored and dispensed for drinking.

Filter: The essential filtration component that removes contaminants and impurities from the water.

Power Cord: A power cord for supplying electricity to the filtration system.

With all these components included, setting up and enjoying the benefits of the Waterdrop CoreRO is straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring you have everything necessary for clean and refreshing drinking water.

Waterdrop CoreRO Features

Now that we’ve covered the technical aspects, let’s explore more features and benefits of the Waterdrop CoreRO system. One standout feature is its compact size, making it suitable for every countertop regardless of the kitchen’s size. Whether you have a small apartment or limited kitchen space, the CoreRO will comfortably fit into your setup.Operating the CoreRO is a breeze, thanks to its smart-touch screen that displays real-time Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels and filter life monitoring. This feature ensures you know exactly when to change the filter and provides insights into your water quality. The CoreRO employs a robust 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration process, certified for safety with NSF/ANSI 372 lead-free materials and SGS-tested for reliability.

Customize your water intake with five preset volume options ranging from 4 oz to 24 oz, or opt for a custom amount to suit your needs. The system achieves a commendable 3:1 ratio of filtered water to wastewater, demonstrating efficiency compared to other reverse osmosis systems. Expect approximately 12 months of filter lifespan, significantly longer than traditional pitcher filters that typically last only a month.Lastly, the sleek design of the Waterdrop CoreRO adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen, while the portable pure water tank is a convenient feature. Remove the tank and refrigerate it to chill your water, offering a refreshing supply with its 40 oz (5 cups) capacity to keep you hydrated throughout the day. These user-friendly and innovative features make the Waterdrop CoreRO an appealing choice for those seeking high-quality and convenient water filtration at home.


In conclusion, the Waterdrop filter, whether it’s the CoreRO countertop system or other models like the G3 under-sink reverse osmosis system, offers a compelling solution for anyone seeking cleaner, safer, and better-tasting water at home. Waterdrop’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their thoughtful design, efficient filtration processes, and user-friendly features. The inclusion of advanced filtration technologies, such as multi-stage filtration and NSF-certified components, ensures effective removal of contaminants like chlorine, lead, arsenic, fluoride, and more, providing peace of mind for households concerned about water quality.

Furthermore, Waterdrop filters are known for their durability and longevity, with filters lasting up to 12 months before requiring replacement. This not only reduces maintenance hassles but also contributes to cost savings over time. With positive reviews and recommendations from reputable sources, including noteworthy publications and satisfied customers, the Waterdrop filter stands out as a reliable and effective solution for improving water quality in homes. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing filtration system or seeking a convenient and efficient way to enjoy cleaner water, the Waterdrop filter is a worthwhile investment that delivers on its promise of cleaner, healthier hydration.

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