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Top 5 Keratin Hair Treatment


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Tips For Keratin Hair Treatment

If you have some hair problems, Keratin Hair Treatment is the first piece of advice. Keratin treatment is a magic treatment that can solve your hair problems.

Point to be noted that not all keratin treatments are the same, like not every one’s hair is the same. A little misinformation can cause harm to your hair instead of overcoming your problems. So, it is better to have some knowledge of keratin treatments before you go to get one. This article is about keratin treatment.


The first thing you do before acting upon any advice is to know the purpose of it. Knowing the primary purpose of something is of equal importance to the task itself. Similarly, in this case, you should also know “For what reason” you have a hair treatment. There are two types of keratin hair treatments. One is traditionally known as Brazilian blowout and the second one is a smoothing treatment.

If you want to loosen up on your curls a little, then the smoothing treatment is perfect. But if you wish to have straight hair, then a Brazilian blowout is what you should choose.

Knowing What You are Getting:

Most people think that keratins play a significant role in this treatment. However, this is not the case. Other ingredients play an essential role in determining the effects of the treatment.

The formaldehyde-releasing solution is present in the traditional treatment, which allows it to straighten the hair. This treatment involves 20-min of saturation which coats your hair with a cuticle-like armor. This process will straighten your hair after being ironed.

Smoothing treatment does not function on the outside but inside on the cortex of the hair. Although both treatments’ application process is the same, the solution is different, making the results vary.

Use of sone Questionable Chemicals:

Suppose you think that these treatments are perfect without any side effects. Then you should know that nothing in this world is perfect. There will be some chemicals involved in these treatments which are harmful to your hair.

If you study formaldehyde, you will discover it to be a carcinogen that can be harmful to your respiratory system in a large amount. There are also other ingredients in every solution of keratin treatment that can cause harm. But you do not need to worry about them because they are present in less quantity. If you expose your hair to these chemicals for a long time, they will pose a threat. So, do not get keratin treatments more than three times a year.

Know the consequences:

Nothing is free. You have to pay for everything. Even this treatment comes with a price which your hair has to pay. Like you cannot even touch your hair for almost three days after getting a traditional keratin treatment. These side effects are due to the type of keratin you are using. So, you should know about the treatment which you have opted for your hair. After a week or two of getting the treatment, you should get a TLC to nourish your hair. Having nourished and healthy hair can reduce the side effects. To sum up, take care of your health and that of your hair.

Variation of results:

Like how everybody has different quality of hair, the results of the treatment also differ. This difference in results occurs because of the type of treatment and the health of your hair. So, you should keep in mind that the results you have in your mind might be different.


To sum up, we can say that keratin treatment are helpful for the type of hair you want them to be. If you wish to have straight or smooth, you can have the. However, the health of your hair will, in the end, determine the results.

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