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Top 5 Blow Dryer


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Tips While Purchasing a Blow-dryer

When you take a bath, the first thing you do is dry your hair. Blow-dryer is the device made for this task. It is an electronic device used to dry and style hair.

There are various blow-dryers. Each type has different features. If you want to buy a blow-dryer? You should know everything necessary about them so you can find the perfect match for your needs. If you do not choose with care, you will face problems.

This article will contain all the info you need to buy a hair-dryer. Following are some of the things you should keep in mind.


Power is the rate of work done by something. It is the first thing you should look for when buying a blow-dryer. Cheaper products have less power. It is essential to the performance of an electric device.

Most cheap blow-dryers are about 1800watts. These blow-dryers, although having good performance, still fail to give a professional touch. For the best result, you must look for high-powered blow-dryers. High-power products are expensive, but the quality will justify their price.


Technology is constantly changing—technologies of different eras differ. If you compare a smartphone with another, you will find differences between them because of their models. This statement is also true for blow-dryers. The new models are better and efficient than the previous generations. So, it is better to know about the technology it has.

Ceramic and Tourmaline technologies are famous in the market right now. Before selecting either of them, you should know about them.

Ceramic technology allows even division of heat among hairs.

Tourmaline technology is also excellent. It traps the cuticle in the hair. Trapping of cuticle allows moisture to remain in the hair.

Negative-ion technology is also critical. But since almost every hair-dryer has it nowadays, we will not discuss it here.

Cool Shot Button:

When people hear about blow-dryers, they think that they dry hair only. But this is not the case. Not all blow-dryers have a single function.

Multifunctional hair-dryers are also in the market now. The cool shot button is a testament to this statement.

After drying your hair, you arrange them in style. But hairstyles are weak. The cool shot button solves this problem. This feature blows cold air, locking the hairstyle, making it stronger.


Most blow-dryers have all the things to give the best performance. But to improve their performance, people use different attachments. These attachments can increase the quality and efficiency of products. You have to buy it apart from a blow-dryer.


The nozzle is a standard attachment used to smoothen hair. This attachment increases the concentration of air in a specific area.

Heat and Power Controls:

Having different options can be helpful. Some blow dryers have extra heat and power settings. You can choose other options according to the need. Like if your hair is not too wet, you will need less intensity of heat. If your blow-dryer has different options, you can choose between them to give the proper heat.

If you want to have more options in your blow-dryer, check before buying.


After reading this text, you must be wondering. Do only expensive blow-dryers have good performance? This statement is not accurate. Not all costly blow-dryers are good; like this, not all cheaper ones are bad. You must choose the best company to ensure performance. Moreover, professional blow-dryers will give you better results. In the end, everything depends on you.

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