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5 Best Hair Dryer


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Tips To Select a Hair Dryer

Hair must get exceptional care and maintenance. So, it is best to have all the gear and gadgets for this job. Hairdryers are one of the modern tools that have become a necessity in taking care of hair. However, buying a hairdryer on his first try is a miracle for a beginner since he will not possess the necessary knowledge. But this article will deliver that essential information about hairdryers. So after reading this article, even though you are going for the first time, you will be able to buy a hairdryer without any trouble.

Following are the things that you must look into before selecting a hairdryer.


A wattage motor delivers more wind power and will reduce your styling time without exposing your hair to extreme heat. If the engine isn’t powerful, you’ll have more heat and less wind. Aim for power between 1800 and 2000 Watts. Bonus: High-power dryers don’t burn as fast as their small-engine cousins.

You must only choose this type of dryer if your hair needs extra time to dry. It can also backfire if your hair is not suitable for a high-watt motor. Accordingly, you should choose a power that suits the strength of your hair.

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Infrared:

Hairdryers are available in a variety of styles and technology. Ceramic, porcelain, and infrared technologies are the most notable. These dryers are made to spread heat as evenly as possible and with as much softness as feasible. The metal or plastic heating elements of the dryer are usually covered with ceramic or porcelain. The heat will be gentler, and the temperature will be more consistent as a result. They also produce anions, which help to speed up the drying and smoothing of hair. Infrared hairdryers employ longer wavelengths of radiation to permeate the inch and dry it from the inside out.

Titanium Technology:

Titanium, like ceramic, is used to distribute heat uniformly and keep the temperature constant. It tends to create a blow dryer, so it is not recommended for hair prone to damage, but it does speed up the drying process. Moreover, Titanium is lighter than ceramic, another reason it’s an intelligent choice when heavy hair turns the blowout into a workout. It is to be noted that if you have an abundant amount of hair, this one will work better for you.


Weight is also an important thing to consider. If a hairdryer is bulkier for you or it is lighter, it will cause problems. You must choose the product that fits perfectly in your hand and hair.

Other Features:

There are some features that you must search for before buying a hairdryer. These features are:

  • Cool shot button.
  • Adjustable heat system
  • Other accessories


Cost is also a very crucial factor when deciding on a hairdryer. You must know that if you want more features, then you will have to pay extra money. But there are some cases where cheaper products deliver better quality. So must look into different brands and products before deciding on a hairdryer.


Hairdryers are essential for hair nowadays; this is why you need to search online and in stores before making a purchase; only a perfect hair dryer will save your hair.

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