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5 Best Hair Clipper


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Things You Must Know Before Buying a Hair Clipper

The pandemic has caused a massive change in the world. Everything has been closed; stores, cinemas, shopping malls, salons, etc. Since you cannot go to a, then how can you take care of your hair? Buying a hair clipper is the best approach to deal with this problem.

So, which hair clipper to purchase and how to buy it? This article will guide you in this process. There are many things that you must consider before buying a hair clipper, which is discussed below.

Choosing Between Corded or Cordless Clipper:

There are two kinds of hair clippers; cord and cordless. Corded or wired are generally more robust when plugged in. Moreover, they function longer as they do not require a battery to work.

In contrast, cordless clippers are rechargeable and more versatile. Hair clippers can use this anywhere because it doesn’t tie you to an outlet; It is highly convenient for those who like to cut their hair outside, where there will be less mess to clean up later. However, you must consider the price of cordless clippers; otherwise, you may not have enough water to cut all of your hair.

The Andis Master cordless clipper has a lithium-ion battery that provides long-lasting power if you prefer to utilize a cordless clipper.

Other Accessories:

All clippers come with guides – plastic clip guards that pull the blades out of the hair to cut to the correct length. Some trimmers come with all the essentials you might need, like combs, brushes, scissors, smaller cutting accessories, and extra blades. When you have the right accessories, cutting hair is less stressful. It would be best if you also looked for easy replacements in case of damage.

This Conair Man 3in1 Chrome Barber Kit is loaded with everything but barber.

It’s well-suited for any style of haircut and grooming. It includes barber scissors, two dual combs, ten different guides, clip, oil, blade guard, carrying case, and more included in the set. Conair also sells spare parts on its website.

Blade Sizes:

Depending on the product, blades come in a variety of sizes. In other words, if you want to buy clippers, they should be sharp and the correct size. Most clippers sets come with eight blade guards, labeled with increasing numbers, and each represents the amount of hair that will be left on your head. If you want to reduce the buzz, the number one goalkeeper is the most appropriate choice. You can also use an unguarded trimmer to remove the hair directly from the skin.

The sharp blades give you ultimate precision without compromising on comfort when trimming your hair, as dull blades can pull strands of your hair. To save time and money on maintenance, you may also want to check for clippers with self-sharpening edges, such as the Philip Norelco.

Cleaning the Motor:

The motor is the power of the Hair clippers, but it’s a feature most people don’t check when making a purchase. Like a car’s engine, the motor powers the mower, pushing the blades to cut your hair precisely. There are three types of mower motors: magnetic motor, shaft motor, and rotary motor.

Although the power is lower than the other two, the magnetic motor is simple, the blade speed is high, and the cutting volume is large, so it is ideal for no-frills cutting. Rotary motor clippers have more power than magnetic motors but operate at lower blade speeds. They are capable of cutting thick, heavy, or wet hair. The most powerful of these three motors is the rotary motor. This motor is used in many famous clippers such as the Wahl 5star detailer, Wahl 5star Wahl Cordless Magic Clip, Hero, and Andis Supra Li 5. A hair clipper with a rotary motor is the perfect choice if you intend to cut a lot of hair for all hair types, wet or dry. It is found in both corded and cordless clippers.

Maintenance is Essential:

Another overlooked, but essential part of the buying process is knowing the maintenance level of the hair clipper. The life, efficiency, and performance of your clippers depend on how you maintain them. Never forget to lubricate your equipment with the included oil. First, use a brush to dust the blades, then turn on the clippers and apply oil drops to the surface of the edges before use. Avoid over-lubricating and wipe off excess oil from your tongue before applying it to your hair. After use, brush off hair residue with the included small brush.

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