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Top 5 Hair Crimper Iron


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Tips for Choosing a Hair Crimper Iron

Crimped hair has always been a symbol of fashion, and this hairstyle is trendy among teenagers. Even models and celebrities from various fields have preferred this hairstyle due to its voguish look. The bottom line is that this hairstyle never gets old. But to achieve gorgeous crimped hair, you need a good set of tools. Fortunately, hair crimper iron is available that efficiently gives your hair the wavy pattern which is required. You should follow specific tips to improve your experience while adopting this hairstyle and maintaining it.

  • People with fine hair adopt this hairstyle more as it increases the volume of your hair and gives a stylish and trendy look.
  • To achieve such a wavy pattern on your hair, you need a heating iron with a specific shape on the plates and provides consistent heat over the heating plates to reduce damage to your hair.
  • You should consider your hair type while making a selection here, as it will be best if you prefer a tool made for your hair. Otherwise, the heat from the device can damage your hair. For fine hair, select a tool that is there to provide maximum results with low heat settings. For thick and curly hairs, pick up the crimper iron accordingly. For this, please read the detailed product description as it will influence your choice a lot.
  • The width of the heating plate is also important and depends on the hair type. For long hair, you should prefer a plate width of more than 1.5 inches. For short hair, use crimper iron with a plate width of about 1 inch or less. Overall, see the product description before making a choice. Heating tools are an essential part of hair designing, so you should choose them accordingly. A matching plate width will reduce your time and effort while styling your hair.
  • It will be best if you prefer to be particular about heat settings. Optimal heat settings will save you a lot of time and will minimize the chance of damage. You should not exceed 350◦F. and do not apply iron crimper on wet hair as a general rule.
  • Typically, thick and textured hair needs a temperature of more than 400◦F, and they need more stand time than other hair. You need to provide heat for more extended periods to achieve the required result.
  • Some of the popular brands are:
    • Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold Crimper aims to achieve professional results for your hair. The rheostat has a dial that revolves around reaching optimum heat settings. It has a smaller plate size than its counterparts, so it will not suit long hairs.
    • Bed Head Chrome Crimper has a lot of variety. So if you are a specialist in hairstyle then do prefer the products from Bed Head. This particular hair crimper has a versatile temperature range from 330-440◦F, making it useable for almost all hair types. Various plate widths are also available.
    • Gold N’ Hot Crimping Iron features gold plates, which allows it to reach high temperatures. Gold is present in tools that are more prone to heating up quickly and getting higher temperatures. This fact is because of the high-temperature coefficient of gold which allows it to withstand higher temperatures. Moreover, this crimper has a dual voltage setting which makes it preferable for travel.


It will be best to look for a hair crimper for your hair, and the price versus durability catch with these heating tools.

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