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Top 5 Flat Iron


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Tips for Selecting a Flat Iron

Hair is the most fragile part of our body, and we need to take good care of this hair for them to remain strong. People worldwide have different hair types, and fortunately, many brands market a plethora of items for specific hair types. A flat iron is one of such products available out there. There is a range of variables that come along with each flat iron. So you need to follow some common tips to buy a suitable flat iron for your hair and keep your hair damage-free.

  • Look for the flat iron that is for your hair type. Read the detailed product description to get knowledge about this fact. You need to look for a flat iron that gives maximum results with just one or two passes.

  • Temperature setting is essential to prevent damage to your hair, and there are specific temperature settings that are commonly applied.

    • Fine hair and damaged hair need a temperature setting of around 300◦F.

    • Maximum textured hair needs a temperature of about 300-380◦F.

    • Coarse and curly hair need a temperature between 350-400◦F.

  • The next thing on the list is the material used in plates of the flat iron. Always try to avoid low-quality material in the heating plates because they can seriously damage your hair, and such heating plates do not provide consistent heating as the heating plate does not pick up heat.

  • Titanium plates are the most common because they heat up efficiently, maintain the heat for more extended periods, and are resistant to rust, making them long-lasting. The concern here is that they are pricier than their counterparts. These are more commonly used for curly and thick hair as they provide higher temperatures for a long time.

  • Ceramic plates are standard for normal hair. This coating can wear down, which will cause uneven heat distribution and tend to damage your hair. The bonus point here is that these ceramic plates are less expensive than the titanium ones.

  • Tourmaline plates apply the concept of ionic technology, which successfully uses low-temperature settings and fewer passes. The concern here is that the leaves are coated with this material and generally wear out, so you might consider this too.

  • Another material is silver. Silver is available in these plates with other materials. The prominent effect of using silver is to avoid germs as it has antiseptic properties. So if you like some hair work along with germ protection, go for these silver-plated flat irons.

  • The plate width also matters a lot, and you need the plate width according to your hair.

    • For long hairs, use two◦ wide plates as they reduce the number of passes.

    • If you are looking for versatile designs for your hair, one◦ plate width will suit you the best.

    • For short hair, go for the mini width of plates, as it will save you a lot of time.

  • There are a lot of customizations available in the flat irons available these days. These include:

    • Far infrared technology uses radiations to provide the necessary heat, and this prevents damage to your hair.

    • Zone sensors ensure consistent heat supply on the plates and alerts you if something is not correct.

    • Floating plates allow you to adjust the angle for the plates during use, so it adds convenience to your product.


The most important tip here is that it will be best to look for the flat iron that suits your hair type and delivers maximum quality when using it. So always prioritize your hair type when making a choice.

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