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5 Best Lingerie

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Tips for Choosing a Lingerie

Lingerie is primarily a part of women’s clothing. It includes a collection of various undergarments, sleepwear, and lightweight clothing. Nowadays, lingerie comes in several shapes and sizes. The most crucial part is selecting the lingerie according to your body type, making you look more fashionable and innovative. So there are some universal things that you need to follow while looking for lingerie.

Hourglass Body Type:

This body has shoulders and waist at the same level, but the abdominal area is much more slender than the shoulder and waist level. It gives a distinctive hourglass look. The top-notch lingerie for this type of body can be garter-belts, teddies, and corsets. The concept here is to match the lingerie with your body type.

Triangle Body Type:

Wide hips characterize this body type as compared to the shoulders. Wide hips are pretty trendy these days, and women with such body types choose dresses that make their hips look more prominent. The same case is with lingerie, in which the idea is to make such body types more proportionate. The lingerie that balances your breast level according to your hip width can be the best option. The underwear should be tight on the breast level and fan out as it reaches the hip level.

A negligee will be the best option for this body type. Strapless lingerie will also work best for you.

Rectangular Body Type:

Athletic women mostly have this type of body in which the shoulder and waist are at the same level, and no significant curves are there. A lingerie that tightens around the core will be perfect for you as it will add curves to your waistline. A corset will be good for you. You can use strapless, bustier lingerie to make your breasts more prominent at the chest level. The concept here is to make the chest and hip story more famous than the central abdominal area of the body.

Inverted Triangle Body Type:

This type of body has broad shoulders as compared to the waistline. The concept here is to make the hip more prominent and level up this difference between the hip and shoulder level. So for this body type, a halter neck will be perfect. If you have flat buttocks, then go for teddies, as it will make them more prominent. A bralette can also be a fashionable option.

Rounded Body Type:

This body type has a rounded torso, and the breast level is much broader than the torso. The best lingerie for this body type can be a nightgown or a teddy. The idea is to proportionate the breast level with the rest of the body. So it will be best if you have lingerie that hides the excess fat at your waistline and prevents the abdominal area’s drooping.


The lingerie can be an easy-going outfit for indoor use and outdoor areas like beaches and swimming pools. It will also be a perfect dress for your night’s sleep, and you will feel comfortable if you opt for lingerie that suits your body type. Many voguish designs are also available in this category, so turn on the fashion heat by selecting the trending ones in the market.

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