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5 Best Baby Monitors

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A Buying Guide on Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are ideal for keeping your baby in your field of view without your physical presence. There are many types of brands out there that offer baby monitors of varying quality and price ranges. Innovative options include Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can view your nursery while being away. The higher ends have smart sensors that give alerts to you about your baby’s condition. Some include a cry detector for your baby. This guide will explore some features of good-quality baby monitors for your house and nursery so you can always be there for your baby.

Basic Types:

  • One type includes a Wi-Fi-powered camera that can stream the live video of your child to your smartphone, where you can access the video by a dedicated app. The camera and your smartphone should have a similar Wi-Fi connection. Many users have complained about the low quality of the streaming video. Internet connections are not strong enough to provide HD quality streaming unless you have a movie camera like those used in Hollywood. So practically, it is not possible. You can lower down the quality of the video to maintain a stable stream.
  • Moreover, you cannot watch the video all the time. You will have to arrange a strong battery life. So it might be a convenient option for working mothers, but the video quality will probably be on the downside.
  • Another convenient method of transmitting video from a camera to you is via a dedicated parental unit. This unit will receive video buy signals transmitted by a signaling device that comes along in the package. The downside is that you should be in the range of the transmitted signals, and in most cases, the content is minimal. You can stay a short distance away from the camera to have a good quality view. So it can be an ideal setup in your house in case your baby has a separate room than yours.
  • An option that comes along with both of these types is the availability of night vision. This feature allows you to view your baby’s presence during nighttime when you turn the lights off. It will give a grey-scale view.

Automatic Adjustment of Camera:

Some cameras require you to manually adjust them every time you focus the view on the baby. This idea can be annoying. Even the most advanced security cameras have automatic adjustment, which allows you to shift the field of view to cover up the whole area. So if you have to cover a big room at a point where you can lose track of your baby’s position at a particular camera angle, then make sure to buy a model that offers tilting camera angles and zooming features.

Changing Camera Lens:

There are plenty of camera lenses from where you can choose. If you want a comprehensive angle view of your baby, then go for wide-range lenses. Some cameras come with non-adjustable lenses, while other better options allow you to change the camera lens to access the required video frame for your baby’s room.


Baby monitors are effective in their function and sometimes prevent dangerous situations before they can cause any harm. You can buy a camera lens at varying prices but try to use the good ones as this product is genuinely concerned with your baby’s security.

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