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Gobble Review


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Are you looking for a well-cooked dinner in no time? There are services out there that deliver some intriguing menus. One of these services is Gobble which claims to have a cook time of 15 minutes. These lucrative recipes require little effort and provide wholesome meals rather than just calories. This article will discuss their menu and options which will change your mind about dinner.

What is Gobble?

Gobble is a meal delivery service established in 2014, offering a convenient solution for preparing delicious, home-cooked meals in 15 minutes or less. Their service includes pre-prepped ingredients, so you can skip the chopping, peeling, and marinating. Gobble’s chefs handle the preparation, allowing you to quickly cook gourmet-quality meals with ease.

How do their services work?

You can sign up on their website and create your account there. Afterward, you have to choose from three different plans. One of the classic plans offers an additional option to select animal proteins for your meal recipes. The other two options are lean and clean and vegetarian. These plans revolve entirely around your food preferences.
Gobble offers side notes in their recipes to indicate which ingredient is not suitable for a particular food allergy if you are worried about your food allergies.
After selecting your desired plan, you will have to choose the days when you will receive the menus and ingredients for your meals from Gobble.

Benefits and Highlights

That sounds like an interesting experience! What did you discover during your trial with Gobble? Please share your insights and findings.


It sounds like you had a comprehensive experience with Gobble’s meal kits, exploring both the Classic and Lean & Clean plans. The variety of options, including gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, and vegetarian choices, seems to have provided flexibility to meet different dietary preferences.

Your observation about the Lean & Clean plan’s focus on healthy protein, low carbs, and calorie-conscious servings aligns well with your dietary preferences. It’s great that Gobble offers such options to cater to varying nutritional needs. Did you find the preparation and cooking process straightforward, as they claim? How did the overall taste and quality of the meals compare to your expectations?


It’s great to hear that you found Gobble’s meal preparation process relatively straightforward, even as someone who isn’t very experienced in the kitchen. The 15-minute cooking claim is indeed impressive for meal kits that require minimal preparation from the user.

Your experience of the cooking times ranging between 15 to 23 minutes aligns well with the claim, and it’s understandable that some dishes might take a bit longer based on individual cooking pace and familiarity with the process. Overall, it sounds like Gobble effectively streamlines the cooking experience, saving time compared to preparing similar meals entirely from scratch.Did you find the flavors and quality of the meals satisfying? How did the convenience of Gobble’s service compare to other meal kit options you may have tried?

Freshness and Taste

It’s fantastic to hear that you enjoyed the freshness and flavor of Gobble’s meal ingredients! Their commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients and adjusting menus based on seasonal availability definitely contributes to the quality of the meals.

The flexibility in storing the meal kits is also a great feature, allowing you to refrigerate meals for up to seven days and freeze certain components for longer-term storage. This adds convenience and ensures you can enjoy the meals at their best whenever you’re ready to cook them.It sounds like Gobble successfully delivered on its promise of providing delicious and well-seasoned meals, whether from the Classic or Lean & Clean plan. Did you have any favorite dishes or standout flavors from your experience with Gobble?

Ingredients and Nutrition

It’s great to hear that Gobble’s meal kits provide detailed and specific information about the ingredients and nutrition of each meal. This level of transparency can be really helpful, especially for those with dietary preferences or specific health goals.The fact that the ingredients are pre-portioned and ready to use for each recipe certainly adds to the convenience of the service. It eliminates the need for measuring and reduces food waste, which is a bonus.

The calorie-focused approach with the Lean & Clean meals, aiming for under 600 calories per serving, is fantastic for those looking to manage their calorie intake while still enjoying flavorful and nutritious meals.Did you find that the ingredient proportions were accurate and sufficient for each recipe? And were there any particular meals that stood out to you in terms of taste or nutritional balance?

Gobble Pros and Cons


Easy-to-Prepare: Our meal kits are designed to be convenient and easy to prepare, perfect for busy individuals or families.

Healthy and Fresh Ingredients: We use high-quality, fresh, and natural ingredients to ensure nutritious and delicious meals.

Variety of Meals: Enjoy a diverse selection of meals to keep your dining experience exciting and enjoyable.

Meal Plan Options: Choose from two meal plans tailored to your dietary preferences and lifestyle.


Higher Cost: Our meal kits may be more expensive compared to some other meal plans available in the market.

Environmental Impact: The use of plastic bags in our packaging may not be environmentally friendly.

Menu Options and Customization

Most meal kits offer a change in menus weekly, and there are chef-inspired meals as well. The starting point of their plans is $11.9 per person. The two premium options are available for $20 per person. Add-ons are also available, including salads, sides, breakfasts, soup, and desserts.
You can also add meat proteins to vegetable meals, but you need to be careful about all the upcharges. There is an option to swap proteins in your meals.
There is a different option available to view nutrition and allergen information for all the ingredients in a particular recipe. Most of their options follow European-style recipes, but their menu has plenty of options from the international meals.

What do you get?

Upon delivery, you will notice the packaging is under all the health benefits when you receive products. You will find the ingredients are fresh and up to the mark. Moreover, a recipe card about 8×10 inches provides a quick overview of the recipe and other information. The most intriguing part was the allergen list on the card for a particular recipe.
If you lose that recipe card, you can also find the recipe online on their website.

Upon delivery, you will notice the packaging is under all the health benefits when you receive products. You will find the ingredients are fresh and up to the mark. Moreover, a recipe card about 8×10 inches provides a quick overview of the recipe and other information. The most intriguing part was the allergen list on the card for a particular recipe.
If you lose that recipe card, you can also find the recipe online on their website.


Their packaging is ideal for storage and delivery. Moreover, the items remain fresh and healthy. A gel ice pack is present at the bottom of the packaging, and you can drain it upon delivery.
Their plastic packaging is recyclable, which makes it environmentally friendly. All the ingredients come closely to save space, but they are present in their packaging to preserve the taste. If there is meat in your recipe, you will find it close to the gel ice pack at the bottom. It is separated from other products by a cardboard divider. This step shows their approach towards healthy packaging, which most consumers like. If there are eggs, you will find them in bubble wraps.


As Gobble claimed, most of their meals were easy to cook and required around 15 minutes. Moreover, you will have to use much fewer utensils. Some chopping might take some time, depending on your expertise. Furthermore, you will not have to use fewer additional ingredients like butter oil, cooking oil, etc.


In conclusion, Gobble offers a highly convenient and time-saving meal kit service that is ideal for busy individuals and families. Their easy-to-prepare meal kits come with pre-chopped ingredients and straightforward cooking instructions, allowing customers to enjoy homemade meals without the hassle of extensive preparation. This makes Gobble a great choice for those looking to save time on meal planning and cooking while still enjoying fresh and delicious dishes made with quality ingredients.

Furthermore, Gobble’s commitment to using healthy and natural ingredients ensures that customers can feel good about the meals they are preparing and consuming. With a diverse menu featuring a variety of cuisines and flavors, Gobble keeps things interesting by offering new and exciting dishes each week. Whether you’re looking to try new recipes or stick to your favorite classics, Gobble’s two meal plan options provide flexibility to cater to different dietary preferences and tastes. Overall, Gobble provides a convenient and enjoyable meal kit experience that makes cooking at home easier and more enjoyable for busy individuals and families alike.

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