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Astrill VPN Review


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Many VPNs are available these days to provide secure internet surfing. But most of these VPNs do not offer good quality encryption. Only a few VPNs are trustworthy. One of them is Astrill VPN. This company allows you to surf the internet more privately than other options. You can get fantastic surfing speeds which will enable you to stay tuned on these VPN connections. This article will discuss the details of this VPN-providing platform. As a disclaimer, these services are not available at lower price tags. So if you are looking for economic connections, then this article is not for you.


  • The VPN platform is not a member of any alliance with the government of any country. So the company cannot hand over any details to the local government. So your data remains encrypted. However, this article will never suggest you use VPNs in restricted countries as the risks are always high.
  • The company claims that it has a Kill Switch that can quickly shut down the central VPN server whenever there is an attack on the server information. This feature will delete all your data from the servers. So you can trust this platform with your privacy.
  • Multihop connections are always a practical option when you have to surf the internet. This feature allows multiple VPN connections, which increases the encryption if one of your VPN connections is not working.


  • The VPN does not provide any browser extensions, and every time you want to use the VPN connection, you will have to download an application. This process can be slow, but the company claims that it provides good encryption second to none.
  • The primary area which many users claim to be a disadvantage for the brand is that its long-term plans are expensive. However, their annual plan is a decent one, and you can always review their projects on the website.
  • You can only attach five devices on a single VPN connection. This feature might seem a little off for some users, especially those who want to purchase VPN services for companies and have to run multiple computers through a VPN connection.

Other Perks:

  • You can always get exceptionally dedicated IP addresses. This fact means that you will acquire a physical address that will allow you to surf the internet more safely. Virtual VPN connections are always a good idea, but you cannot get high-quality encryption from virtual addresses.
  • Split Tunnelling allows users to specify applications on the VPN connection. By using this technique, you can get a more personalized VPN connection for your eyes only. Your data remains for you only. This feature is available on top-notch VPN service providers.
  • Torrenting allows you to get more security on your connection. The tor connection can make it impossible for various ISP trackers to trace down your location. Moreover, you can get impressive speeds with such encryption methods.


If you want a decent VPN connection for your internet with low annual plans, you can get everything from Astrill VPN. Moreover, you can use a free trial version to check that it really works for you and then go for premium options.

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