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5 Best Jewelry Rolls


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A Guide on Jewelry Rolls

You are a travel freak, and you want to keep your jewelry by your side while on a trip. This guide will let you know about a unique way to preserve space inside your bag. Jewelry rolls are available in many different sizes and allow you to pack your jewelry inside them without any hustle. There are other materials in which these rolls are available in the market, and each material is specific for a specific type of jewelry. This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits of jewelry rolls.

Know the Material:

  • Cloth is a popular selection for these jewelry rolls. There are many options in this cloth range, and they come in a variety of sizes and color options. It is an attractive choice for your jewelry storage. You can use cloth rolls if you have less storage space and do not want to pay much attention to your valuable stuff.
  • Cotton is commonly available for these rolls. It comes in a lot of color options. You can select some cushioning cotton for your jewelry roll to add extra protection to your jewelry.
  • Embroidered cloth is also an elegant choice for these jewelry rolls. Embroidery adds design to your jewelry roll, and the jewelry roll will become more voguish. You can present beautiful embroidered cloth to your friend as a gift.
  • For higher price ranges, you can go for silk. The material is super soft and shiny and will give a luxurious touch to your jewelry roll. But with such an elegant choice, you will have to add more protection and care.
  • Another classic option is velvet. This material gives silk feel to your jewelry roll, but it has its significance. It hides the wrinkles that will form pretty quickly.
  • Leather is a classic option as it can easily accommodate a zipper or other voguish options according to your taste. Leather is perhaps the earliest material for these jewelry rolls. You can add straps and select perfect sizes according to your need. Moreover, leather has a classic finish which is second to none.
  • If you are tight on budget, then vinyl is another less expensive option for you. It gives a leather look but is much cheaper than original leather.

Other Facts:

  • Before checking out a jewelry role, it will be best to notice all the features and choose the one that meets your requirements.
  • Some rolls come with earrings stored separately. It becomes more convenient with such a feature. Women having more earrings should buy a separate jewelry roll specific for earrings.
  • A lot of jewelry roles have hooks to accommodate your necklaces and bracelets.
  • If you want more storage space with a jewelry roll, go for an option with more pockets. Try to find a jewelry roll that has pockets along with a zipper to keep your valuable jewelry safe. Pockets are a universal solution for such situations and provide you more security, so do not hesitate to get more pockets on your roll.
  • Jewelry roll with a separate ring roll will keep your rings safe, as it is common for any jewelry set to have more than three rings. So it will provide convenience, and other ease of access as all of your jewelry rings will be in one place.


Jewelry Rolls are a convenient option for anyone looking to keep jewelry safe on tours. They are available at reasonable prices. It will be best if you look for a design and style that matches your jewelry set.

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