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5 Best Wrist Watch


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Tips for Buying A Wrist Watch

There are many types of classical wristwatches with different characteristics and modifications. The basic movements in these wristwatches for men include a quartz movement, manual winding, and automatic movement. This article will explore these movements and their pros and cons. the article also consists of a comprehensive guide for buying a wristwatch in 2021.

Quartz Movement:

  • This movement is the fundamental type of movement present in everyday wristwatches, and it includes a piece of quartz that powers the internal mechanical factory of the watch. The primary source of power is a battery which drives the internal circuit of the wristwatch.
  • The benefit of these quartz watches is the fact that they are cheaper than other types of watches. These watches are highly accurate. Their durability is more marked than their counterparts.
  • The cons of these quartz watches are not many. The needle does not have a smooth movement, and the craftsmanship is less in these quartz wristwatches.

Mechanical Movement:

  • These watches have to be winded repeatedly to achieve the required kinetic energy from the mainspring to power the internal circuit of the clock.
  • It has some significant advantages over quartz wristwatches. One big fact is that these watches last longer, and you do not need to replace those batteries every time they get worn out.
  • Some people enjoy that you have to wind your watch every day to keep it running throughout the day. Others have trouble doing this.
  • These watches are more prone to environmental factors as the numerous small springs can easily get damaged whenever they contact dust, water, moisture, and other factors.

Automatic Movement:

  • If you are tired of batteries or winding your watch daily, these automatic watches might be a solution for you.
  • These watches use kinetic energy from your hand movement to drive the internal structure.
  • These are perhaps the most expensive ones on the list, and some are more of a jewelry piece than a timepiece. Some prepare your budgets before buying them but rest assured that you will love the experience and quality of these watches.
  • The downside of these automatic watches is that you will need an automatic watch winder to keep the internal circuit running when you are not using the clock.
  • Another marked distinction of these timepieces is that they have heavier dials than their counterparts. This fact is because none of the above had a rotor in their dials. Still, the automatic one has an oversized rotor to keep the circuit running by using kinetic energy from external sources.

Buying Guide:

  • It will be best if you pay attention to the band of these watches and choose a matching band for the occasion. If you wear a plastic or rubber band with a business or professional setting wristwatch, it will look obscured. For these watches, a leather band would be perfect.
  • Look for the detail that shows whether there is glue between the band components or proper stitching. Stitched parts tend to be more durable.
  • Metallic bands are ideal for official purposes where you can always add more craftsmanship on a custom order.
  • Do not die for water-resistant properties, as you will not need them more often on elegant wristwatches. If you want a water-resistant watch, look for the details showing water resistance up to 5 ATMs.


This guide is an introductory tour of universal concepts that you should keep in mind while buying a wristwatch. Always keep in mind your budget and occasion while purchasing one from any marketing platform. There are no boundaries of the amount which one can spend while buying these wristwatches. Some custom orders have a price range of millions of dollars.

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