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5 Best Tie


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Tips for Choosing a Tie

A tie is an integral part of dress for formal occasions, and it will be best to find the best match for your outfit. It can put an overall good impression on the target viewers. According to many research-based articles, well-managed attires create a strong impression of your personality on others. Therefore, it is essential to consider a matching tie. Following is a universal guide for you to select a tie in case you get confused.

Get to know the tie:

It will be best to differentiate between a good-quality tie and a tie that will make your journey difficult. When buying a tie on any marketing platform, note the following key points:

  • Observe the lining of the tie as a good-quality tie will prevent wrinkling of the tie during use. The ideal lining consists of a higher percentage of wool. Do keep this fact in mind that a higher amount of gold lining will increase the weight of the tie. So make your preferences accordingly.

  • Notice the clothing material of the tie. Silk is the ideal material for the tie, and other materials that tend to be like silk are available at cheaper rates. So do keep in mind the price versus quality concept while looking for ties to match your outfit.

  • All the clothing which involves stitching becomes more valuable when it is hand-stitched. Hand-stitched products have a higher standard, and you can feel the precision, so if you are an admirer of quality, then go for hand-stitched ties. They will be available at higher rates, but it does have a value to money.

  • Making a tie is also a completely different set of art, and you need to have some accessories with you to keep your knots in place. Two simple accessories are slip-stitch and bar tack. A slip-stitch comes in handy when you have to pull the tie together to maintain the shape. On the other hand, a bar tack comes in handy to hold the two ends of the tie together when you put the tie around your collar.

Find the Right Size:

Look for the tie that is available in your size. When you make a tie, it should come to the level of your belt, and the ideal width of the tie is around 4 inches.

  • For a rough estimation of the tie’s width, consider the usual gap between your jacket when you put it on, and the tie should cover this gap.

  • Along with the size, do notice that your tie should not be too loose or too tight. It will spoil your looks.

Know the Trend:

The fundamental trend is to use woolen ties with leather jackets and use silk ties with business suits. People with darker complexions should go for bright-colored ties to create a good mix.

  • Look for a proper color to match your outfit that suits the occasion. Generally, the color of the tie is according to the color of pants as it creates an overall better complexion.

  • Pick up a color that stands out on your shirt. It will be good if the tie does not fade away within the colors of the shirt, as it should look more prominent on your outfit.

  • If you want a generalized selection, then a black-tie seems the best option. It gets along with almost any attire.


You do not want to look out of trend when you are selecting a tie. Be the center of every gaze by choosing the correct pattern and color for your tie. Do not hesitate to try something new on your outfit.

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