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5 Best Capris and Cropped Pants


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Tips to Wear Capris or Cropped Pants

Capris and Cropped pants are trendy among women. Reading women love them and choose them over other types of pants. Start they will help you to discover how they can be stylish and flattering for you.


Capris is a type of pant that ends after the knee and before the ankle. They are less challenging to wear, unlike cropped pants. Sometimes cropped pants can be unattractive for women because they make their legs look short, which in women are already shorter. They might also expose the legs’ chunky parts, attracting the other person more than any other thing.

Why do women wear cropped pants?

The reasons mentioned above are enough for anyone to know why people mostly do not wear cropped pants. Then why do women still wear cropped pants? The answer is that they like them. Moreover, cropped pants are pretty trendy, playful, sexy-looking, and most importantly, comfortable in summer.

Suppose you want to look better when wearing a Capri, acting upon the following tips that might help you.

Tapered Capri is easier to wear:

Go for a tight Capri that follows your leg line. It will make you look better. If you want to cover your legs, then you can choose the full-legged ones too.

High heels:

High heels can solve this problem if your legs are short, and Capri makes it look even more straightforward. It will make your short legs a boost in height, and you will not feel awkward.

Apply the rule of thirds:

Your lower parts are primarily about two-thirds of your whole body. But you can also reverse this look by changing to a Capri with a long tunic with a dress. Tucking your tops or shirts into the Capri can let you achieve this look. You can also choose not to fold and select a wider top.

The cropped pants can also be a challenge to wear as they mostly make you look unattractive. So, there are some strategies or tips to change that. Firstly, wear a short top, as that ends at your waist. Wear heels and make sure to match the color with pants.

Higher Booties:

This Capri can be surprisingly helpful to overcome the shortening effect.

Who shouldn’t wear a Capri?

Although anybody can wear them if you have short legs, it is advised not to wear them. It will not suit your body. It is best to choose clothes that are compatible with your body.

Length of Capri:

You can choose between short or longer Capri. It all depends on your choice, so choose what makes you feel comfortable.

The best Capri and Cropped Pants

Now that you have elementary knowledge of Capri and Cropped Pants for women, it is time you look into some of the best designs and pairs of pants to find the best for you.

Jean Capri:

Rag and Bone slim jeans Capri can be lovely on your legs.

Crop Flare Jeans:

A pair of Capri will be perfect with a couple of heels. Skinny jeans are trendy and seen as stylish.

Wide Legs Capri:

Although it is challenging to wear this type of Capri, it is still very trendy and looks stylish.

Some other types of Capri are:

  • Linen Capri
  • Capri Leggings
  • Stripe Pants
  • Eyelet Cropped Pants


To conclude, Capris are trendy among women. So, it is good that you have some knowledge about it before wearing it and enjoy it to the full extent.

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