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5 Best Backpack Rain Covers


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Guide on Backpack Rain Covers

Backpacks gain immense importance when you are on an outdoor trip, such as hiking across rocky pathways. These backpacks hold some valuable stuff for you, like your clothes and sleeping bags. In any case, you do not want your gear to be wet, as it will ruin your trip. It does not matter that your pack is waterproof or not. Water will get inside if it rains as there are many vulnerable spots like the zipper, the seams, and other sites. So you must keep a backpack rain cover with you because it will protect your backpack from rain and the mud or other stuff that can spoil your pack. Following is a comprehensive guide on backpack rain covers that will highlight the importance of these covers for your hiking trip:

Material for Rain Covers:

  • The most common material is polyester, and it is available in rain covers because it has a lot of strength in the weave and does not let water inside your backpack.
  • Some cheaper versions of backpack rain covers use nylon fabric in the rain cover. Most reviews suggest that you avoid nylon as it will tear easily, and the service life of such backpack cover is limited.
  • At relatively higher prices, you will get high-performing rain covers. These rain covers contain an extra layer of coating. The coating consists of silicone and polyurethane. Both the materials are excellent water repellants, and the durability of such rain covers is second to none.

Seams in Rain Covers:

If you ideally consider a backpack rain cover, you will justify that such rain covers should not have stitches because these areas create seams and become a leak point for water to get inside. But the twist here is that such bodies will not give you a tighter grip over your backpack. So for most of the rain covers, there are seams to provide you with a fit size for your bag. When buying such rain covers, look for the product description that states sealed seams as it will seal the potential leak point for your rain cover.

Types of Rain Covers:

  • Fitted: these backpack rain covers are available for the brand’s backpacks as they have adjustments designed particularly for the single backpack design.
  • Semi-fitted: These backpack rain covers are available for generalized application, and primarily rain covers all types of backpacks. However, you will need to look for the rain cover available for your pack and offers tight adjustment spots for your gear.
  • Bag Type Rain Cover: these rain covers have a universal application as they can adjust to any backpack in the market. However, it will help if you make sure that the rain cover fits nicely around your gear.


Many backpack rain covers are available on online platforms such as Amazon and brands’ official websites offering good quality rain covers. The success of such rain covers lies in how firmly these rain covers attach to the backpack.

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