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5 Best Tailgate Pads


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A Guide on Tailgate Pads

Mountain bikes give a thrill on the rugged tracks. You will always need a way to transport your mountain bike to the real track. You cannot simply ride your route on that bike daily for thousands of miles. Gone are the days when people would strap their bikes to their vehicles for transporting them. Nowadays, more crucial material is present in the structural framework of these mountain bikes, and one does not want to damage that material by wear and tear that will undoubtedly occur once you strap your bike like that. For more comfortable transportation, tailgate pads are available in the market. This guide will explore the merits of using a tailgate pad.

More Economical Option:

Even the most robust tailgate pad does not cost more than $200 unless you want a custom order. On the other hand, the strapping mechanisms in various forms and sizes are never under $300. So, it will be best to prefer a more economical product, and it works a lot better than the straps.

How Do These Work?

A tailgate pad rests on your truck’s tailgate and provides a panel at the upper border of your vehicle’s tailgate, where you can easily fit the top tube of your mountain bike. The front wheels lie just outside the tailgate, and this mechanism allows little or no movement at all, thus securing your mountain bike in one place without damaging any material on our bike’s framework.

Sizes of Tailgate Pads:

The tailgate pads are generally available in two sizes unless you want a custom-built for your vehicle. These two sizes are the standard or small size and the large size. A pro tip here is to measure the width of your vehicle’s tailgate and choose the model available for your truck.

Best Tailgate Pads Brands


  • Dakine is the hallmark of tailgate pads. Their products are sturdy. The criteria which set them apart from others is the versatility of their tailgate pads. These products can easily fit on multiple vehicles. The large-sized tailgate pads offer a bike capacity of about seven bikes per pad.
  • The brands use microfleece on the inside of their tailgate pads to prevent the tailgate of your vehicle. The tailgate pad comes with UV-protected polyester on the outside to give you an everyday experience.
  • Their best seller is Dakine Pickup Pad DLX. It is available in the market for $140. Other features include a dedicated slot for the rearview camera on the tailgate of your vehicle.

From Race Face:

  • Their products are more on the safe side. These sturdy pads have more latches and adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit on your vehicle’s tailgate.
  • The foam is present on the upper border of the pad to protect your bike’s tailgate.
  • On various marketing platforms, their pads are available for less than $180.

Backcountry Getaway Tailgate Pad:

  • If you want to enjoy all the features of a tailgate pad from Race Face at lower price tags, this might be what you are looking for in the market.
  • The solid return policy of is a boost for promoting these tailgate pads.
  • The differentiating feature is the presence of a toolbox on the rear of these tailgate pads.
  • Overall this product is robust, and many reviews appreciate the prices as well.


Tailgate pads offer more secure transportation for your mountain bike. If you do not want to lay waste of your bike’s carbon fiber, then go for a tailgate pad and find a proper fit as well.

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