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5 Best Raincoat


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Things to Check When Buying a Raincoat

If your habitat has a lot of rain, then it is better to buy a raincoat. But what should you look for in a raincoat before buying one? This article will focus on this same question. It will help you in choosing the best raincoat for you. Following are some of the things that you need to look into.

Waterproof Material:

The first thing that a raincoat should have is to be waterproof. If a raincoat is not waterproof, it is useless. Usually, the companies that make waterproof raincoats tell you about the level and materials about it. They show all the specs.

There is also something you should need to know that waterproof materials differ from water repellent materials. The waterproof fabrics are tested by applying specific water columns to test at what level water seeps through. Although waterproof material can prevent water from passing through it, it still cannot completely stop it. It has a limit.

Water repellent fabrics have a coating of a water repellent which can repel water up to few washes. And when the layer is removed, it has to be re-applied. So, both materials are mostly the same, but the waterproof fabrics are long-lasting and do not need a coating to perform their functions.

Sealed Seams:

All the raincoats have a limit of water they can prevent to pass through it. Sewing seams and later covering them with waterproof tape can increase the water resistance of a coat. Otherwise, the water might pass through these spaces and drenching you from underneath the skin.

Good Hood:

Imagine it is raining from the heavens, and you are wearing a raincoat, but it does not have a hood. What will happen? You will be wet by the rain. So, a hood is the most crucial part of a raincoat. Missing it means making the coat useless. But not all hoods are the same. Some factors make a hood better than others. Like the material used and features used can significantly impact the usefulness of a hood.

If there is a strong wind with rain, it is better to have toggles that help you tighten up the hood. If the hood is dancing the wind, it will only become a hindrance. Having a peek in your hood is also vital if you wear glasses. It will protect your glasses and make your vision clear.


Breathability is also another thing that most people tend to ignore when purchasing a raincoat. It is essential to choose this thing carefully. If you choose a coat with high breathability, it will give you less warmth, and on the other hand, less breathability can also cause problems. So, you have to decide this thing carefully.


Length is also to be kept in mind. Usually, most raincoats are long and cover the area up to the knees. But you have to decide according to your height, so make sure that you buy a long coat covering your back and front and to prevent yourself from rain, wear long waterproof boots. This combination is more effective.


To conclude, we can say that raincoats are essential for rain. So, it is better to choose them wisely and make sure they are practical and convenient at the same time.

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