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5 Best Fire Starters for Camping


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A Guide on Fire Starters for Camping

Camping is a healthy activity, and along with some survival techniques, you should have the best equipment to prevent any misfortune during your trip. This idea will make your trip a memorable one. A bonfire in the night during your camping is a healthy activity for your brain. So you need a perfect fire starter if you do not wish to light a fire using two stones. There are many types of fire starters which you can use to light a campfire. Following is a comprehensive guide about different types of fire starters.

Types of Fire Starters:

Among the plethora of different fire starters, there are three types:

  • Firelighter: It is a solid tube that contains a flammable liquid that can burn when a spark comes in contact with the liquid at the nozzle of the box.
  • Firestarters: These devices come with magnesium and different alloys that can light up a pile of dry wood quickly.
  • Fire Strikers: These are carbon pieces that can cause a fire when you strike them up with a stone or other material. Generate enough friction between the carbon piece and stone by applying sufficient mechanical force to light a fire.
  • Granulated Fire Starters: These fire starters are all-weather devices that can help you light a fire in hot to cold weather quickly. The fire can sustain its strength in winds having a speed less than 30 miles per hour. The most important thing is that these fire starters are eco-friendly, and the ashes left behind can act as a good fertilizer.
  • Fire Starter Pods: these pods contain a combustible substance that can quickly light a fire on dry wood sticks or any material that can burn. The main advantage of this device is that it can light a fire instantly. These pods contain wood shavings, and thus these pods are non-toxic.
  • Starter Sticks: The best on the list are starter sticks, as they contain 100% natural wood stump and resin. So they act as good food for lighting a fire. As the product is chemical-free and no toxins are there, you can use them for roasting your marshmallows to give you a lovely delight on the camping night.
  • Puck Starters: Wax is an excellent combustible material, and it is effectively present in all sorts of puck starters. Cedar sawdust is also present in these puck starters, and this material gives a long-lasting fire for about 30 minutes. You can also use this fire to light up a pile of dry wood and save your resources if you are on a backpacking trip. These puck starters leave no residue behind. Reviews show that most of them burn clean with no chemical toxic in them.
  • Homemade Fire Starters: if you are more into homemade DIY fire starters, you have many options. You can use dry cardboard, egg racks, candles, and other flammable stuff to create a humble fire on your camping trip. Most reviews show that the burning time might not be long enough, so you need to keep a backup with you.


Camping is a healthy activity and promotes a lot of quality time with other members of the trip. To make this trip more memorable, go for high-yield products that will save your time and prevent any misfortune.

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