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5 Best Fabric Glues


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Different Properties of Fabric Glues

Sewing takes time, self-restraint, and commitment to conquer. When you are in a problem or hurdle, and a thread and needle can not be considered, fabric glue is a simple way out. Fabric glue is a gluey substitute to sewing that joins fabrics together by making a semi-permanent bond. It is an excellent choice if you do not enjoy stitching or need to zip anything in a hurry. This article has all the pieces of advice and recommendations for some who wants to buy this glue.

Kinds of Fabric glues:

There are many varieties of glues to flick through; almost everyone gives different results. Here are some of the types.

  • Permanent adhesives give firmer bonds. They are insolvable once they dry. These same glues would not detach the cloth even after it is cleaned.
  • Temporary glues are soluble in water. They are not as firm as the glue mentioned above but are still decent.
  • Heat set adhesives are those which bond in specific temperatures. These temperatures are usually high. The adhesive chemicals trigger at a set degree to make a strong link that solidifies upon heat. One benefit of heat-set fabric glues is that they are not cheap performers like cold-set glue.
  • Cool-set fabric glue is gaining fame compared to heat-set because it is more or less easy to apply. There is no specific heat. You only have to use it to your desired area.

Things to consider:

Here is a list of characteristics that you must check before selecting a fabric glue. All of these are very important and are dependent on the type of task you want to perform.

  • Type of glue
  • Time to dry
  • Strength
  • Resistance to water
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Elasticity and flexibility
  • Accessories

Different Products

Here are some of the different fabric glues available in the market.

Tear Mender:

This product has been in the market for more than eight decades. It’s antitoxic, free of acid, and a recipe of simple latex, which is based on water, forms an undestroyable, pliable, and fixed bond in few minutes. It is so sturdy that you can shower the new fabric in about fifteen minutes.

This merchandise is water-resistant and UV radiation-resistant. So, it is ideal for all home and out-of-door materials like cushioning, threads, and many other materials. it is not costly and comes in different shapes and sizes.

Secure Stich Liquid:

This glue is also powerful and user-friendly. It has lots of perks.

It has little drying time and is very easy to handle. The bodies are muscular and last very long. You can also apply it to many different things. You can use it for clothes and other things. So, it would be best if you did not worry about the difference in products.


So, in short, the era of stitching has been invaded by Fabric glues, and it might take it over after some time. So it is better to learn about it if you can so you can unlock its maximum potential.

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